The History of our Church


The first church service of Deep River Baptist Church  was held on November 29th, 1882 with around 19 members attending. The first meetings were held in a brush arbor that was located approx 75 to 100 feet from the present church building. This served as the principal place of worship until a building could be built in 1901. Services were held on a regular schedule, weather permitting. From the time the church was organized until 1989 the church continued to meet with the same band of faithful membersEast Inflatables.

The congregation continued to grow and was at 48 members by the year 1900. With the growth in membership, the church was finally strong enough to build its first building in 1901. The church  was a one room white framed building with plain glass windows.  There were two front entrances and a wing in the rear of the church housed the pulpit.

By 1907,  Sunday School was beginning to be held year round and was held in the afternoon so it wouldn’t conflict with the Sunday School at the Methodist Church in the mornings. Many people attended Sunday School at both churches. These were held in the sanctuary.  Later, gray curtains were added to divide different classes..

As the congregation continued to grow, people were being baptized in Deep River and in 1916 they built a baptismal pool directly behind the church. It was a cement pool with steps leading into the water.. Cold spring water was used to fill the pool and was allowed to warm in the sun for several days before it was used.

In the 1920s electricity was installed in the church. An  electric line of telephone wire was strung from the power house in Coleridge to Deep River Baptist Church. Most of the time the power was cut off by 9:00 pm and there were no lights if the water was too low in the river to provide power.

A steeple was built  in 1925 and the church bell was ordered from Sears and Roebuck.

The 1930s saw a jump in Sunday School enrollment. Late in 1935 the church began plans to build Sunday School rooms on the church. It was not until 1940 that the plans were drawn, approved, and construction began.

Then, on March 16, 1947 the church members voted to construct a new building. Construction  began in the fall of 1949. An auction was held to sell off the old church building. The church was sold and the new owner gave the bell back to the church.

The new church  had  an indoor baptistery. They purchased new pews and heating.  The church had a  Dedication Service on May 31, 1953 dedicating the building to the glory of the Lord.

In 1960, the church added a cemetery and with donations from the community, built a brick wall around the cemetery. Many other improvements were made to the church over the next few years including carpet and a sound system.

In 1967 they remodeled the front of the church to include a new roof line, new porch with columns and a steeple. The old bell was put in the new steeple.

In 1969 they creaated a committee to build a parsonage or pastorium for the preaacher to live. On January 23, 1972 a service was held to dedicate this building to the Lord.

On July 9, 1977 construction began on a new fellowship hall and on March 18, 1978 a dedication service was held for the glory of the Lord.

A 100 YEAR Anniversary Service was held on November 7, 1982. It was a two hour service and many church members wore costumes of the era of 100 years ago.

Throughout the rest of the years until current, there have been additions to the inside of the church  including the remodeling of the Sunday School rooms, new carpet added, a pulpit and choir area remodeled, and a restroom upstairs.

We also added stained glass windows  to the sanctuary.

Deep River Baptist Church looks forward to the changes of the future and would like to invite everyone to  visit and be a part of our growth. Come and worship with us.

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